Anyone know anything about BV woven 'iron' bags?

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  1. So cute - me like!! Nice find!
  2. wow, that light green one on yoox is a gorgeous colour...i think i'd have preferred that instead of black!
  3. love it!
    but the size is kindof small...
  4. very cute, almost like a mini-sloane
  5. i saw a girl carrying one and it was adorable (but it is small -- somewhere between a clutch and a handbag). i contemplated getting one as a cosmetic bag but i think it's too big for that. why is it called the "iron" bag? there are a few floating around ebay in bright colors.
  6. that makes sense (i was focusing on iron the metal, which makes no sense). i see it as a good lunch or evening bag, where you need to bring a wallet, phone, keys, makeup and you don't want to lug around your regular handbag. i love it but it doesn't fit into my lifestyle. does anyone know the purpose of the snap on the handle? the bag seems to big too hang it off another bag.
  7. LOL I was too!:roflmfao:
  8. Wow, I'm new to BV and yet I was able to help :yahoo:


    I did see the cute, bright colors on ebay. There is a lovely turquoise one. I'm tempted....but it's not practical in my life either. Plus, I have my Balenciaga Black First for those rare night outs!!
  9. the First is what came to mine as a comparison size-wise (but the First has the handy shoulder strap). that turquoise bag is stunning (anyone know what season it's from?), but the strap is a little different (instead of the snap it has the pushlock which i like less).
  10. Kids- no idea on the season. The color is gorgeous though!!! I didn't even realize that about the strap- I wonder if the strap ever comes loose or comes out of the thingy?
  11. maybe it's called an iron bag because it's kind of the same size and proportions of an iron? strange... i don't know :smile:

    and yeah, it is def. too big to hang off of another bag...well, it just might look a bit strange.
  12. Just goes to prove that I learn something new every day here. Thanks for all the contributions to this thread, guys!:tup: