Anyone know anything about BV woven 'iron' bags?

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  1. I just bought one off's quite small, about the size of a clutch (9 in across or so), but with a small strap and a bit of depth so you can pack more in there. I'm just trying to figure out what year these were produced (it's definitely not vintage) and whether anyone else here owns one. I'll post a pic when I get a chance! TIA! :yes:
  2. Yes, would love to see your pics...:yes:
  3. Would love to see pics!!! Congratulations!
  4. Sounds great! Can't wait to see a pic :yes:
  5. [​IMG]

    alright, here it is....
    anyone seen one of these before?
  6. No but it is fabulous!!!
  7. wow, that`s nice...

    but what does it have at the handle? a velcro-strap?
  8. looks a bit like their beauty/cosmetic case, that i have seen on a website. although, havent seen that colour. its great. congrats
  9. does it have any 6-digit item number followed by a 5-digit material code and a 4-digit color code somewhere inside?

    any number beginning with 16 should be a model produces after 2005

    i don`t want to scare you, but to me it looks like someone made up that handle...
  10. You're right Raz - that is the beauty case, it even has the 'stripe' down the sides
  11. If it's on Yoox, it's probably at least 2 years old.
  12. It is a cute bag! I have one in white. :P
    I saw these bags in white and light pink (Magnolia) at BV boutique in South Coast Plaza about three months ago.
  13. java_addict, did they tel you what it was called?
  14. raz96, I think it's called mini tote.
    My friend was inquiring about this bag at BV in San Francisco and she described it as "mini tote with one handle and zipper on top".