anyone know anything about begeren?

  1. So I saw the link posted for the begeren sale for TPF but I was wondering how these bags are in quality? All the bags that were listed were only 100? So I'm wondering for a 100 I can't really loose right? Does anyone have any of their bags?
  2. I have the Moorea in the marine color. It's very nice leather and quality-I just wish that it had a shoulder strap so that I could carry it over my shoulder. It's definitely hand held only! :angel:
  3. The hobo I saw specifically was the graphite which I'm really interested in. Do you think the quality is good? Because it's harder to dish out money on brands you don't know about. It looks kinda banana shaped so I was thinking it might not be able to fit alot.

    NM! I missed the part where you said it was good quality lol sorry
  4. I just ordered the hobo in graphite! I have been wanting a dark gray bag for a while and this was just such a deal I couldn't pass it up (even though I just ordered two other bags today too!!:nuts:).

    It will be my first begeren but I really like their philosophy (handcrafted in LA, no sweatshops, etc - see I can't wait to get my new bag - should be here next week they said!

    Oh, and I looked at the non-sale hobo on the begeren website and the dimensions make it seem pretty roomy - I think it was like 18 inches long and 9 or 10 tall. Go for it, paintednightsky! :tup:
  5. now that you ordered it alliposita I had to order it too! lol Oh well I'll add this to my bfs xmas bill :nuts:
  6. congratulations! we'll have to compare notes when we get them. BTW, i waited for my hubby to leave for work before making the call. :graucho: i guess i'm sneakily adding it to his xmas bill too!
  7. I got my bag today. I love the color. It's a very lightweight bag and soft leather. Lining is kinda weird but I don't really care either way about it but overall a nice bag for on the go when you don't want to carry too much. For a hundred bucks there isn't anything to really complain about.
  8. I sold each one of my Moorea totes! I had all four colors - green, marine, yellow, pink. They were beautiful bags - I don't even remember why I sold them.
    I've always coveted the Chelsea Sling but it's just too expensive for me. Even at the sale price of $550......:wtf:
  9. I deleted the information that I received from Begeren about the sale for PF members..can anyone tell me if the sale is over and if not where does one go to view the bags and prices. Thanks.