Anyone know any Orlando SA's?

  1. This is a silly question, but does anyone know any of the Orlando SA's?
    I bought two things there in July and received a thank you card from the SA, who I think is Cliff or Tim Nguyen but I can't find the card anymore. He was so nice and funny I wanted to add him to my christmas card list, but I can't remember his first name! :confused1:
  2. I bet his name was Eric:tup:

    I spoke to a gentleman there and he was really sweet, helpful and sent me lots of photos.
  3. Thanks! That might be it. I think I'll just call later and ask, then I have a good excuse to ask about the sales :okay: live near a JC boutique.....:love:
  4. I live about an hour away from the Orlando boutique, I used to deal with Heather, but she went to the NY flagship store, there is a gentleman there named Frank, he's been there quite a while. I bought a bag from him before I met Heather-- he seems very knowledgeable.
  5. I have done business with Frank, he's been there for years I think! Last summer he sold me a pair of metallic gold sandals & there was a store mix-up and the NY store that had the actual shoe shipped me the wrong pair! I was getting ready to go on vacation in a few days and Frank was on it! He not only re-located the correct shoe, but had them over-nighted, even before getting back the wrong pair!
    I also have done business with Heather before she transferred, and I worked with Taka on my last purchase. She's very sweet and I'd recommend either Frank or her. ( I just hope she is still there! My last direct purchase from Orlando was in late May.)
    Hope this helps!

  6. Thanks for your reply! I actually contacted online sales who sent a message to the Orlando store. The SA is Cliff. Taka is still there, as she's the one that sent the reply to the NY office inquiry. When I was there in July, it was Cliff and Taka that helped me.