Anyone know any discounts for North Face?

  1. Are there any sales or discounts for North Face in Chicago?
  2. I don't know about stores, but I usually find the best deals online. I recently got a great deal on a vest from (they have some North Face on clearance right now, and new subscribers get 5% off).
  3. i bought my northface arctic parka (which seems to only be available at select department stores and not sporting goods stores) for 20% off from macys. if you can find a macy's coupon for free shipping also, you should definitely call them up because they will stack the coupons for you. i got mine for less than $250 free shipping.
  4. Was that Macys 20% off an in-store coupon or an online coupon? I had a $25 off $100 coupon, which I tried to use in store and the cashier wouldn't allow me to do so, claiming NorthFace was excluded (yet the exclusions on the coupon clearly did NOT indicate NorthFace at all).
  5. it was an online coupon. northface is not excluded!