Anyone know any Coach Stores/Outlets near Wichita Falls, TX?

  1. I'll be moving soon and would like to know any info of the nearest Coach store or Coach outlet. I already checked the coach's website and it says there isn't a coach store within 20 mi. where I'll be moving to. But sometimes it may not be up to date so just hoping anyone would know where I'll be able to find Coach in Texas. I don't wanna move :sad:
  2. TnC...Welcome to Texas! :flowers:
    Dillards in W.F has a very limited selection of Coach. The nearest Coach stores are in the DFW area. (about 2-3 hours away) The nearest outlet is near Austin about 5 hours away)...however I saw on another thread that a coach outlet will be opening up in the DFW area!
    I am very sorry Wichita Falls doesn't have any coach stores. It would save me some gas money if they did... on the other hand I probably would be broke.:shame:

  3. I thought there was a Coach Outlet in Allen but the closest is Austin/Hill Country area.
  4. Thanks guys! I'm not in texas right now but will be in a few more months. I guess it's best for me that there aren't any coach stores close to where I'll be moving to so i can save $$. Thanks for welcoming me Carley!! Where in texas do you live?
  5. Right in Wichita Falls!:smile:
  6. Allen Texas is about 3 hours from Wichita Falls. The coach outlet there hasn't opened least that is what I read on another thread. Once it is open I plan on heading down there!! :graucho:
  7. Cool! Are you near the Sheppard Air Force base?