Anyone know about vintage handbags? I inherited a Manon black alligator purse. rop

  1. It's quite lovely and in pristine condition 100% alligator. I'd say it's from the 60's. Thing is that i'd probably never wear it myself. A bit too conservative for my taste. Have you ever heard of this brand Manon? I'm not opposed to selling it on eBay, i'm just not sure how much it's worth. Anyone know anything about vintage bags or this brand?
  2. Hi,

    I know more about vintage than modern! I don't know specifics about this brand, but the company, judging from their designs (via a quick eBay search) was active circa mid-to-late fiftes through mid-to-late sixties at the least. Don't dismiss it for yourself yet - after several seasons of giant, celebrity-toted, slouchy bags, smaller, more structured bags are coming back in. Look at the bag feature towards the end of the Aug. Vouge for an idea of what I mean. Alligator and croc are also having one of their periodic fall resurgences.

    After your eye adjusts to the more structured, grown up look of fall 07 clothes and accessories (though don't get me wrong, I've loved living in trapeze or shift dresses all summer!), that "conservative" yet "pristine" alligator bag might look a lot more... now. Still, if you want to sell it, look at similar bags on ebay. Search "alligator" and then look at items listed in both the regular purse section, and the vintage purse section. Look at what's getting bid up, and set your price accordingly. If you post pics I can give you a more thourough assessment of what you've got!
  3. If you are able to post a picture I may be able to help as well:yes:
  4. Ok, here are some pics of the bag (i borrowed the pics from - my camera is crappy). They are selling it for $1200! Mine is in near mint condition. Not sure what i should do with it...
  5. That bag is beautiful!!! You should keep it!
  6. I agree, I'd think very long and very hard about selling something so classic.

  7. Hi,

    The vintage site enokiworld has a Manon purse for $410, but it is a more unusual shape and color - and scale-textured suede rather than alligator. Vintage dealers like enokiworld or vintageskins often buy pieces at live (and often out-of-the-way) auctions or estate sales, and they will list with a pretty significant markup (they are businesses, after all, and I suppose they've done the legwork, as well as, hopefully, authenticating). If you were to sell to a dealer, then, they might give you a couple hundred and then sell it rather higher - but at least you will have a solid price. On Ebay, your success is predicated on shoppers knowing the quality of the label you're selling. Personally, I'd keep the bag - you can always sell it later if you want to. Skin bags, if in excellent condition, tend to hold their value. Good luck!
  8. Please reconsider selling unless you know you will never use it.

    You've got a 40-year old alligator bag that looks perfect. That's not something you are likely to find again.

    Back then handbags were made to last for years. I wish there was that level of quality today.
  9. I have to agree with the majority decision to keep it. It is a lovely bag and the style is such that it could easily be worn. Bags of this quality are getting more and more difficult to find and if you are able to keep it in excellent condition you will be able to pass it on or sell it when you are sure that is what you want to do. Good luck with whatever you decide - it is a wonderful item supreme quality made to last.
  10. Agree with everyone else!

    For a while, I was looking to buy a similar bag on ebay... Manon was one of the brands I was looking at, I believe that it's not the top 1960s brand, but it is a relatively good one (I got this from reading a book on vintage).

    Most of the bags on ebay are damaged, etc. I think sellers of vintage buy the more perfect bags cheaply, direct from garage sales, etc. and then they sell them at a pretty substantial mark-up, in their shops. Even on e-bay, I saw several undamaged specimens that were starting at $200.
  11. chachigirl -
    I concur with others, it's a classic bag and though you currently feel that it's something that you will never use, you may feel differently later. The bag will add a touch of elegance and class to any outfit.
    These bags are indeed great vintage items that hold their value, esp. if they are in excellent condition. Make sure that you protect the bag from the elements (dust, light) and condition it every so often since it is natural skin and will dry out over time.
    I have several skin bags (Bellestone, Deitsch, Lucille de Paris, Palizzio and Bienen-Davis) and they always cause a stir when I wear them. I carried these bags often/almost daily when I didn't have to carry so much stuff. Now, I need to carry more and thus I found my way to this website seeking advice on current bags.
    Good luck
  12. A smaller lizard Manon (in a great green) just sold on ebay for over 100, and a pink suede one (orig. price back in the day over 400) and a brown croc are also listed. Other brand skin bags of a more similar size and structure to yours are going well over 200 - but I still hope you keep it!
  13. I would keep it! It looks very classic and you may want to use it in the future!
  14. That bag is gorgeous! And very classic, like the others said. I won't try to persuade you to keep it, if you don't want to. But let me put it this way; if it was mine; I would definately keep it!
  15. Personally I would keep it.