Anyone know about this website?

  1. Hi all!..Can anyone verify that the website CATWALKLANE.COM is legit? I'm looking to purchase "Daria" in black...It's $240.00 cheaper on this website as compared to Marc Jacobs' site.....I would appreciate it! Thanx!:wlae:
  2. That site isn't working for me, all I get is a "coming soon" page.

    That said, I wouldn't trust any place that has current bags with a deep discount under MSRP.
  3. Actually..Just click on it :smile:
  4. I dunno, man. On the one hand those look like past-season styles, so it wouldn't be insane to find them at a discount. On the other, any place that's not a legitimate MJ reseller should be considered a faker until proven otherwise. Their site looks like it was built off of the same kind of template a lot of fakers use, like Bergacci.
    And why doesn't going to their main web address yield a store? It just seems ... off. I'd stay away.
  5. I appreciate your thoughts....I haven't seen this purse anywhere else discounted yet...It's from the 2005 collection..And it's still available on the MJ website.....I keep checking Bluefly but I doubt it will ever make it there...Will not purchase from ebay...All the 'Dairias' lissted are fake..I already checked....I'll sit back...There's a Gucci I want too....Sweet dreams!
  6. I think it's fake. I checked out the quilted MP in blue. If it's suppose to be petrol, the hardware should be antique and there's no blue plastic hoop that is suppose to be in the chain strap.
  7. I have seen Amethyst Daria on the sale table of NM. It was also marked down at NAP right?
  8. Amethyst? Do you know how much it was marked down to? :angel:
    It's probably gone by now....
  9. I saw it during the very 1st round of mark-down. It's long gone at my local NM. If it's meant to be, you will run into it somewhere. I tried searching for it at NAP, but it's no longer available there as well.
  10. It´s gone :sad: