Anyone know about this item?

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  1. #2 Sep 17, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 17, 2010
    it's a special items wallet
    probably retailed for half as much as they're asking (maybe even less)
    not sure if it's actually leather or not - there should be a material tag inside that says what it's made of. Some of the Special Items are made of leather, but a lot of them are PVC (or partially PVC and partially leather) - my guess is that the outside is PVC while the inside is leather
  2. Thanks JJ! I thought it was a special items wallet by the price they were asking.
  3. you can also tell by the "JACOBS by MARC JACOBS for MARC by MARC JACOBS" stamped inside - that's the name of the Special Items line
  4. Thank for your help JJ!