Anyone know about the Spring/Summer 2007 scarf collection?

  1. There's a pattern I'm dying to know more about with Josephine Baker on it. Any details would be appreciated.
  2. Josephine Baker??????? I LOVE Josephine Baker.......Let me ask my Oh-So-In-The-Know SA in San Fran if she knows anything at all about it.....
  3. What is it called?
  4. ^^^^^That's what I'm trying to find out.
  5. I know the pointu has been discontinued, and I have heard that it will be rereleased in a mousseline instead of the usual silk. Does anybody know anything about that? Is it true? Does anybody know what will be the designs?
  6. My store opens in an hour (or so) if my SA is working, she will know (she's the resident scarf expert!).............I'll try and find out.......
  7. I just bought a pointu and was told they are not discontinued but just rare. I was also shown a mousseline that is long and diamond shaped but much larger than the pointu. Simply gorgeous! Price $350 and it changes color!
  8. Grands fonds, thank you, they didn't know much about it when I asked some more info here today.

    Gazoo, thank you, that sounds:drool: , was it plain or what kind of print more or less, what colors did they have?
  9. I was shown several at the BH boutique. All were in solid colors with contrasting hem. They had cream with brown hem, orange with can't remember what hem, and pink with darker pink hem. All changed color in the light with movement and had the Hermes name in the center. Very sheer mousseline and just a lovely length to wrap around the neck. Very Nicole Kidman...
  10. There's a pink one? Is it pretty? I mean, does it look modern? I love pink but one time my SA showed me a pink shawl and it just looked sooo 90-year-oldish on me:yucky:

  11. Its true. Its also called the losange is I'm not wrong.

    I saw them in mousseline, they are pretty but really expensive :drool:
    For that price, I rather have silk than mousseline :supacool:

    Those I saw are plain, in pretty colours. No prints !!
  12. HG......RE: Josephine Baker - was told that when I go in on Thursday we can take a look at the design book the manager has of what's coming for Spring. Maybe I'll have more to report Thurday night......
  13. My scarf SA isn't in today - UGH!! Hopefully tomorrow, HG!!!
  14. My SA told me that the girl looking out of one of the windows of the scarf "les toits de Paris" is Edith Piaf.... I don't know abour Josephine Baker though....
  15. ^^^^^^Duna, I didn't know that. Got put that in the scarf trivia thread.