Anyone know about the availability of the Denim Patchwork bags?

  1. I was trying to find out if the quantity available will be plentiful like the perforated line and the colored denim from last summer or if it will be more limited like the mirror bags and the cruise collection?

    I don't want to rush getting one right away if they will be around for a while. but no one at LV will be straight with me. They just give the answer that these bags are limited in quantity and I sold get one a waitlist. :shrugs:

    Anyone have an SA that is knowlegagble and helpful? I'd love to know exactly how limited these bags are or quantity that will be produced?

    ....And the same goes for the mono rivets bags..
  2. :shrugs:
  3. go to the lv reference library and look at the s/s 07 threads.
  4. I think it'll all depend on how popular the bags are... but as of right now, they can put you down on a waitlist... *sigh*
  5. But I'm wondering if there will be a bunch of them available or if they will be gone in two seconds like the mirror.
    For example when the Azur pampellone came out I think there were about 1500 quantities produced.

    But I can't find out how many patchwork bags will be made....100...200...300? 2000? :shrugs:
  6. I *think* these bags will be more like Peforated in terms of avaliability. They are more unconventional and the price point is higher than the Miroir. But that's just my guess.
  7. Hmmm... I doubt they're going to be limited like the Miroir & Cruise bags.
  8. Thanks Aluminum and John. That's exactly what I was trying to figure out.

  9. I've already seen them. I was just trying ot find out about quantities produced
  10. I diden't think the runwaybags usually were produced in large quantities, not only because they are one season only but also due to price and due to the fact that they are "fashion fads" by nature (Being SS 07 bags kind of). Was any perfo runway models? Or was it like the pomme stuff coming out now and the azur (allthough it's permanent). Then there's stuff like the tobago that was continued probably due to popular demand. I think the vernis also debuted as runway bags?

    Anyways, sorry for ranting. I believe that this will be as limited as probably the regular seasonal bags (cruise collection, winter 07 bags etc) but I hardly think it will sell out as fast as the mirroir. Mirroir sold like crazy! I don't think the denim patchwork has the potential to catch on like that.
  11. ^ some of the perfo was on the runway. The pome and azur where not because as you said they are permanent.

    Most of the bags for the season says "sell through by summer" etc I interperate this as meaning they are not super limited like miroir (remember there was less miroir made than expected due to production problems) but as of the minute I don't think anyone really knows how limited thesse bags are LV like to keep that info close to their chest.

  12. True. I'm so ready for them to come out. :yes: I can't wait to get my bowly
  13. i thought it was waitlist only?

  14. I think it is. I'm on the waitlist for the bowly and the speedy.