Anyone know about taxes if you purchase a Chanel from the UK but live in California??

  1. I spoke with an SA from Harrods via email about purchasing the large cambon tote and asked about payment info such as taxes I would incur. It has been a week and she has not written me back :cursing:. So, does anyone know how that works if I am in California??
  2. Well, you won't have to pay VAT taxes (value added taxes that Europeans have to pay, similar to sales taxes); you have about a 50-50 chance of being charged customs/duties once it reaches US soil though. It's usually the same as sales tax, somewhere between 6-8%.:yes:
  3. Will you be purchasing the bag in London physically or get them to send it to you?
  4. They would be sending it to me in California...I wish I was going to London to get it!:yes: