Anyone know about pop colors for Resort '13?

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  1. Done a lot of looking @ clothes & the new soft bag for resort 2013 but can't seem to find any info on pop colored bags. Phoebe came out w the fluo colors for resort this past year & am dying to know of any new pop colors/color combos. TIA!!
  2. OMG just asked my SA this question & he said "No more bright colors. Celine has discontinued them. " UM anyone know if this is true??
  3. Wow, I would be shocked if that was true. I can understand dialing back for the FW season, but not even SS? Oh boy, that may not go down well for many Celine lovers....
  4. That's what I was thinking!!! I would b very put off if that was the case but he seemed very sure!! Kinda freaking out.
  5. I ordered an Orange Mini Luggage (Resort '13) from Penney at Hirshleifers a few weeks ago. You may want to contact her. She is very sweet and always knowledgable:smile:
  6. Thank you! My SA must have been on something when he told me that today.
  7. I think your SA means for the fall winter there will be no sharp colors as I was told last week when I bought my royal blue micro.
  8. I specifically asked about Resort '13 & he said "no bright colors. Celine has discontinued them." Dunno?!
  9. I just remembered that there is also a beautiful bright yellow Phantom in Resort '12 - not sure if it is available in other bags.
  10. Yellow must be pretty in person!