anyone know about dolce and gabbana dress sizing


Jul 3, 2006
ok i'm not a dress person, i have an enormous jean collection and i pretty much wear jeans every day. even on dressy occasions i might throw on a catherine malandrino top and a pair of dark jeans. ok so i'm really in love with the dolce dress i saw at saks. the biggest size they have at my local store is a 38 and well i'm definately not a 38 which translates to about a U.S. size 2. I wear a size 6 top and a size 29 jean so i was thinking a size 8 or a 42 but then i thought about it and jeans have alot of stretch so i thought ok maybe a 44. i asked my friend and she wears a size 46 in dolce and she told me to go with a 46 but i'm shaped differently than her. she wears a size 30 in jeans and has large hips and a large butt and i'm 5'11 so i have a very long physique. not really sure what to do because i only have enough to order one dress, so what do ya think 44 or 46?


In LaLa Land
Sep 9, 2006
San Francisco
I would say D&G dresses runs small in sizing. I'm a size 0 or 2 depending on the brand, and usually wear a 38 in Dolce & Gabbana. Can you describe or post a picture of the dress? If it's one of the bustier dresses, I would recommend going up a size, especially if you have some junk in the posterior area like me. D&G dresses are known for form-fitting sexiness and I hope you will find what you are looking for!


Sep 6, 2006
Los Angeles
I wear a lot of D&G, and I am always a 38 (I am a size 0 in other brands), so I would recommend that you buy a 44 and a 46 and return the one that doesn't fit. SAKS has a generous return policy provided you haven't worn it out. Once you have determined what size you are in D&G, it won't change much after that.


Feb 23, 2006
I feel like you're a 42 or 44, but it depends on the style. If it's a bustier dress, maybe more like a 44.

cherry pie

Jan 13, 2007
cloud 9
iv found that although they run small the shape of the dress makes huge differences. you really need to try a few on.