Anyone know about current BalNY stock?

  1. So I had to cancel my pre-order of the Grenat City a few weeks ago due to some vet and other bills that all hit at the same time. Now I'm ready to think about re-ordering. I tried calling but Joseph isn't in today; does anyone know if they still have the Grenat/Oxblood City's in stock???
  2. Have you seen what's available at the Barneys NY in LA? The Barneys stores here in MA have had the Grenat in stock in a number of styles (First, City, Work and Weekender).
  3. To answer my own question, spoke to Joseph this morning, and yes, they still have these in stock. One fewer after today, tho'. ;)

    According to someone who was at Barney's in LA, they only had one Grenat City and it was really veiny. Joseph did such a great job choosing an Origan bag for me, I totally trust him to pick a nice Grenat. He said the leather is "incredible."
  4. Yay! Congrats on your Grenat City! can't wait to see pics! All the pics of the bags Joseph has chosen have beautiful leather--I'm sure yours will be gorgeous!:heart:
  5. Glad to hear you are finally getting your Grenat City. The color is gorgeous and I'm sure you'll get a beauty. Would love to see pics once you receive it! Congratulations!!
  6. Have to get my camera back from the in-laws first. They're currently jaunting around Europe with it.... :wlae:
  7. Maybe you'll get my grenat that I returned! I have no idea how many they had in stock but if they had only one, it might be mine!
  8. Congratulations. I cannot wait to see pictures.
  9. Joseph told me they still had several. Maybe it will be, who knows? Did you leave any secret messages in the pocket??? :P
  10. I ordered one today! They must have more! :smile:
  11. They have about 20 or so Grenat in stock atm. :yes: