anyone know about azur...

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  1. and upcoming/new styles? i've tried searching on this topic but haven't found much since everyone is abuzz with the new amarante vernis and the new fall/winter bags coming out. but i should imagine they will be adding to the azur line, no? i reallllllllly want a hampstead in azur. i hope i don't have to wait two years to special order it :sad:
  2. lol...16 views to this thread and no one knows? lol wow.
  3. IS coming out in hampstead???? really?? that's what i want! oh no. lol. i'm praying i don't like the berkley aka sporty because there would be no way i'd be getting all this by the end of the year, which is pretty much my goal. lol. do you know when hampstead will be out?
  4. I think the neverfull is supposed to come out in damier azur early next year...
  5. yeah neverfull not do anything for me. too much of a reminder of BH for me, think everyone will have it. i got the BH right when it came out because it seemed like such a practical new schoolbag. now i kinda wish i used the money for something else even though i've used it to death for school. very few, if anyone at my school, have LV schoolbags :yes:
  6. OOO i think I'd like an Azur Neverfull... I like the Neverfull, but I was debating about it. If they release it in Azur though, I might need it.
  7. it IS coming out in hampstead. i saw it in my SA's lv book and preordered it :smile:
  8. Hi.. I am from Hk.. it seems like we dont have alook book for the new release.. sigh I miss the time in US ...
  9. do you know WHEN it is coming out? sooooo broke this fall...