Anyone know a store w/ a Burgundy 227 Reissue...

  1. I've decided that I want, no need, a burgundy large reissue(227). If you've spotted one anywhere, except Saks, let me know! Thanks.:drool: :love:
  2. I thought I saw one at Chanel on Rodeo Drive about 1 month ago.

    Call the Chanel 800 number and have them check their system.
  3. Yes !! It is on the jemz and jewels website (see above) for $1950. Quick!! Get it!!
  4. Thanks Smooth, I'll call 800# for Chanel and check their inventory. I want one from an actual store or boutique, that way I can return it if I don't like it.
  5. argh lemming enabler! i've wanted an ivory for so long, but now i want that burgundy!

    anyone seen it in paris?
  6. btw does anyone have pics of the burgundy, other than what is in the link?