Anyone know a large True Religion jeans retailer/seller on ebay?

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  1. Hi !

    I am trying to find a pair of TR religion jeans from several years ago. Does anyone know the name of a large, legit TR seller on ebay that I could ask to see if they have it in their inventory?

    Thanks for any ideas !!:smile:
  2. I have purchased from each of these stores. They are all great sellers and legit
  3. I'm just curious. Why does it have to be a "large TR seller"?

    I suppose a large volume seller might be more apt to have the particular item you're looking for but "large" doesn't necessarily mean "no fakes." (Think linda*s***stuff.)
  4. I think all the sellers listed used to be involved with Authentic Forum. One of them may be able to help you with the wash name of the jeans you're looking for, but your chances of finding it from a small seller are probably just as good.
  5. Thank you to ALL of you for replying! :flowers: I was really excited to read them. I posted the same question on the Authentic Forum (AF website) for True Religion; but, there haven't been any replies.

    Specifically, I'm looking for these particular jeans from years ago. I just thought maybe a larger seller would be most likely to have them; but, any legit seller is good. :smile:

    I'm so eager to find them, I'm even offering a finder's fee if that's allowed. I have not been able to find them. This is the actual pair/wash.


    Below is them in size 26; I'm looking for a size 25 (and unhemmed preferably)

    This seller, though, did not have them in size 25, unhemmed.

    Thanks again for your replies -- and if you have any additional info, please let me know. Like I said, if it's allowed/ok, I'm offering a finder's fee if anyone is able to find them.

    My sincere appreciation!
  6. Altering jeans to a smaller size shouldn't be that difficult, especially if you use a professional tailor.

    Disclaimer: I know nothing about TR jeans so I don't know whether the following are the right style (though they look similar) or authentic. Just offering them as possibilities.

    I found this listing. I'm not sure whether they're 28 or 25 since the title shows both. The size label shows 25: