Anyone know a good website with authentic Brighton handbags?

  1. My stepmom has a birthday coming up. And she is carrying around a bag that resembles a Brighton...But isn't...I was thinking of getting her a Brighton for her birthday~ But wasn't sure what site sold authentic bags? Anyone here a Brighton gal?
  2. There are so many Brighton stores and many have sales. I would check them out first before buying on line. You get more of a selection that way.
  3. Is may be an odd place, but while channel surfing a while ago, I think I saw QVC carrying Brighton.
  4. I agree. Most every large mall has a Brighton store now and I love to go in and browse. The jewelry, the shoes...etc, and of course the bags. Who knows, you might find something for yourself as well. And when you shop at the stores, you get the lovely decorative bags, some retailers will even gift wrap your Brighton purchase for you.

    I love Brighton jewelry, and have tons of it...only one bag though. A great straw bag for the summer months. I have used it every year for the last 4 years.