anyone know a good website where you can swap giftcards?

  1. I got a $200 gap gc and I can think of about 10 stores I would rather have. Anyone know any reputable websites that you can do this through? TIA

    Mods, if this is inappropriate, my sincere apologies, please delete if it is.

  2. There is a new shoe website that is owned by Gap. Have you seen it? Plus there was some kind of code in the deals and steals for Piperlime recently.
    Maybe you can find something you like there!:yes:
  3. you can only use it at gap, unfortunately. I wish they could be used at banana, gap, old navy or piperlime, but that doesn't work.
  4. You can swap your gift card with other members w/other gift cards through Hope that helps!
  5. thanks!!! that's what I was looking for. I searched for it, but found a million diff websites, I wanted a recommendation! Thanks!!!