Anyone know a good small python/snakeskin bag?

  1. Hello everyone....I'm going to getting married soon (like in the 6 months) and I'm addicted to buying bags (like everyone else here). Most of my bags are on the larger scale because I believe in the big bag big style look. Anyways...I've always wanted a python/snakeskin bag but I don't think I should purchase a larger one because most likely after I'm married I will carry smaller purses.

    So does anyone have a good recommendation for a small snakeskin/python bag? Not really looking for a clutch, something in the hand or shoulder.

    I'm really looking at the Marc Jacobs python satchel bag...but I would like more options. Thanks for everyone's help!! :yes:
  2. Have you looked at Ghibli? They can be found at Forzieri.
    NM and BG both have exotics sections which can be shopped online.
  3. Chanel has a TDF python flap bag!
    I'm not a flap fan, but I tried it on and it pained me to take it off! It's the most gorgeous thing I've ever set my eyes on!
  4. Ohhhh great! Thanks!!