Anyone know a good shoe repair place in Pasadena, CA or Downtown?

  1. All the shoe places I get are in beverly hills, does anyone know of any reputable places either in downtown LA or Pasadena area?

    Its just such a pain to have to drive down there, and then I don't get my shoes for at least a week, since I can't go during the week to go get them again.

  2. Station Wagon Shoe Repair on California does a good job. I've taken several different designers there- Manolo's, Gucci's, Jimmy's, etc... and they've done a nice job. They also have re-soled my husband's Ferragamo's a couple of times.

    The best place in LA hands down is Arturo's in BH, but it's a pain to get there. Deluxe Shoe Repair in San Marino is also good, but they are quite pricey.

    Station Wagon

    Deluxe Shoe Repair
  3. Thanks so much! it so hard to know where to go. :yes:
  4. shoe doctor on 8th and western. small hole in the wall korean store does wonders for cheap.
  5. Sorry if this is slightly O/T (but it might help), but there's this fabulous designer shoe boutique in Pasadena that I used to frequent (& occasionally buy from....I was a poor college student then but loved to browse and chat) -- ANGELO SHOES. They have 2 branches, one in Pasadena, another in Glendale -- also there's a website at Angelo Shoes: Italian imported shoes & handbags. Pasadena, California Carries a great selection of European brands that you won't see anywhere in Pasadena/Glendale....unless you make the drive to Bev Hills/Melrose/downtown LA. It's owned by this husband & wife team and their son sometimes manages the store in Pasadena -- he knows a lot about shoes and is great fun to chat with.....I'm pretty he (or they) can recommend a good cobbler in the Pasadena area that knows how to handle expensive, high-end designer shoes. Check them out! Also they have great, great deals during their seasonal sales....that's when I did my buying back in the college days.
  6. OMG..Foxy...I use to work on Lake ave :smile: I know the store all to well. And the sunglasses store thats on the way there too. :p