Anyone know a good S/A @ SAKS - South Coast Plaza ?

  1. My neighbor went to Saks in Beverly Hills today and I was shocked :wtf: when she told me how rude the s/a's were to her when she inquired about the EGC event.

    I totally don't understand s/a's like that:confused1:
    She's going to buy 3 Chanel bags at the next event - you'd think they might be a little nicer.

    Oh well - does anyone know of a helpful s/a at SCP?
    Thank you!
  2. Yep..NO Chanel at Saks/SCP :crybaby:-- only the boutique inside the mall.
  3. :crybaby::wtf: is there any Saks that carries Chanel in Orange county?
  4. Nope, because we have "big" Chanel boutique inside the mall, BUT the NEW Bloomies/SCP is carrying go figured!, and Neimam at Newport Beach. That's it!!
  5. no, just Neiman Marcus and the boutiques. That's all. If she want to try Saks BH again, have her speak with Bonnie. She was wonderful to me during the last EGC.
  6. I can totally agree about the SA's in SFA BH- I've had more than one be rude to me. Of course I sent DH to the BH boutique and they were very rude to him while he was buying my GST. They are very nice to me in the BH boutique. I think it really depends on what day you are there and what mood the SA is in!!!!!!!:confused1: You would think they would smooch a little butt for how much $$$ we spend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:rolleyes:
  7. I had an amazing SA at SCP (in the mall). Are you only interested in Saks? LMK.....
  8. if your friend already knows what she wants, why doesn't she work with another SA by phone and have the bags shipped to her. There are so many wonderful SAs who are willing to work by phone or email!
  9. Thank you - I appreciate everyones response.
    She wanted to purchase her bags from SAKs to take advantage of the upcoming EGC event.

    I didn't know Bloomies was carrying Chanel? I wonder if there is any discount if she opens up a credit card there?
  10. Hmm...I always talk to Gail at Saks BH--shes pretty knowledgeable and very very sweet =)

    If you go to the Saks BH, tell her Cory sent you...good luck!