anyone jumping ship?

  1. on brands you were once loyal to or said you were? I find myself bouncing around these past couple of months. I went on a balenciaga fever and now ended up selling all but one. And now I find myself looking back at marc jacobs, chanel jewelry, mulberry and now LV.. and I never thought I would be doing that. I'm just all over the place. the only thing thats constant is my love of coach accessories. Anyone feel like their all over the place? I thought if I could ever get myself to splurge on a classic flap or east west chanel, I wouldn't need another hand bag, maybe a tote or so forth, but now that I spent more then that on other things, I don't really desire one right now. I don't know what I want!
  2. I am going thru this exact same thing. I was actually wondering if I am becoming ill. I am not hankering for anything...and dont really care to much about most of what I have....maybe I have bird flu or something :shrugs:
  3. you have too much then;)

    I mean it in jest, but I'm kind of serious too. I feel little passion about things once in a while and it's always because I am worn out from wanting. . . not needing.
  4. ^^I totally get where you're coming from. I may have saturated myself in balenciaga. Now I have that ink dya that came in today, a long champ tote, and a couple of throw around lesportsacs. But now I want a groom cles, and other stuff and its all from brands that I normally thought I wouldn't be into.
  5. So its not bird flu???
  6. haha, bird flu. i just think it's completely normal to bounce around. you need to keep things interesting. it's natural to feel bored. but selling your balenciagas??? NO!!
  7. I am totally satisfied. I don't want for anything. AFter I bought my Chanel wallet, I am satiated.
  8. I am never full! I just find a new line obsession and move on...Started with Coach 15 then prada 10 yrs ago, moved on to fendi, then gucci, then LV, back to some gucci pieces, then a Fendi spy, then discovered Kooba and now have a 5 piece Chloe collection to call my thanks to tPF, I'll never run out of options of what to buy next!!
  9. I'm just sofa king bored. Maybe it is the bird flu, or mad cow disease.
  10. Maybe Bag Flu?
  11. I move around a lot if you look at my bag collection. Right now, I'm not dying for anything so I'm just chilling. I'm enjoying everyone else finding things they are dying to have.
  12. ITA, it's the best part about tPF!
  13. totally agree aarti...

    i don't think ANYTHING i've bought recently has really made me happy...and i find myself drooling over things that are obscenely priced (for me, right now). and, even those, i'm not sure about...
  14. Hmm...I'll say it again. I thought I was over LV because my entire collection is monogram...ugh, talk about mono overkill. At the moment, I'm looking at other lines in the LV world *and* other designers (Balenciaga, Burberry, Coach, Fendi, Gucci...even Chanel, a brand I thought I'd never get into :shame:smile:. I've been switching back and forth, but I haven't had the urge to really buy...even if I do come across bags I want, I become really hesitant and I ask myself if I really need it. Also, I've been changing my wishlist like no other. :sweatdrop:

    I'm going to try to go without buying a bag for a while to think things through...maybe I'll have enough to buy something I really love and thought I could never afford before. :lol:
  15. Good topic. I've gone thru periods where I thought I "needed" a Chanel or I "needed" a Prada in my collection and I'd buy a style without putting much thought into it just to have one. Purchases I regret because they aren't bags I truly love (now a Chanel classic flap shoulder bag.....:love: ). So then I'm disappointed in myself. Not really jumping ship, just trying to be more careful in what I buy.