Anyone intrested in RaRe LV? see....

  1. Found this while surfing the net: What do you guys think?
    If it is authentic~ What a beauty!:flowers:
  2. Wow... a vachetta bucket that is gorgeous. I would have to just sit that baby up on a pedestal and gaze at it all day...:flowers:
  3. i would love to special order a bag in VVN but too bad they dont give that option anymore.
  4. What is the asking price for that Ghost??

  5. LOL! Couldn't use her...too scary:nuts: $900..something... $999.99 BIN!
  6. Do you think the price is good?
    I was kinda thinking that is kinda cheap? I paid more for a s/o bucket in 2002. Maybe its because its a hard one to use everyday?
  7. Not a bad price...are you going too?:graucho: ;)
  8. O:huh:Oo pretty but I agree, I'll be too afraid to use her *shudders n remembered scary, abused, vachetta bag from ebay*....but I'm sure u girls be great with her...someone get her!
  9. I like it better with no patina. Looks classy that way.
  10. ^^ *runs away, arms frailing about*
  11. Pass. yes... :yes: my little baby steamer is to small for me to pack my belongs if I don't cool it for the rest of the year!!!...:lol:
  12. All-vachetta bag? Yikes!