Anyone into.......

  1. Linea Pelle belts? I just bought a wide Linea Pelle belt, and I am obsessed with it and i want more!!!

    In the second picture....its on the left...gorgeous!!!
    belt.jpg saks.JPG
  2. thats hot where did you get yours?
  3. wow! i've got giant hips, so those nice belts are a no no :sad2: yeah you should totally get more if you love them :amuse:
  4. The first one i got at, and the second one is only available from the Saks catalogue.
  5. Here....this is what it looks like on a REAL person.....
  6. I like it! I think I need one, how much are they?
  7. The first one is $140 the second is $195...well worth it!!!!
  8. I really like them! I've only ever seen them in Anthropologie stores.