Anyone into penpalling?

  1. Hi! I wonder if anyone of you has penpalling as hobby like me :p
  2. Hi Alice This is not related to the penpalling but where are you in Italy? I am in Vicenza. Are you orginally from the US or Italy?
  3. When I was in high school, I had a French penpal through my French class, but not since then.
  4. I'm 100% italian! I live not far from Treviso!!! I go to Vicenza a couple of times every year because you have Zara!!! :roflmfao:
  5. Penpalling is such a lost art! :smile: It just seems so much easier to just shoot off an email, but I do miss the joyous feeling you get when you actually get a handwritten letter from someone!
  6. No, not since school.
  7. I have had a penpal for 19 years's a wonderful story. She's from Germany and someone handed me her address in a pen-pal club when I was in 9th grade. We wrote to each other at least once a month and kept it up all through my time at college and then hers. I lost touch with her for about 3 years, but then checked her parents' phone number in the German directory online and talked to her mom who gave me news of her.

    My friend had married and moved to the US, and now we are in the same country, though in different states. We started emailing ,and we exchange photos and talk to each other on the phone about once a month.

    I haven't met her IRL still....:smile: isn't it weird?
  8. i love letter writing. sailornep5 you are right its a lost art. maybe we could star a TPF pen pal scheme?
  9. No, but I always wanted to have a penpal.

    That is a good idea, cherry pie!
  10. I was a horrible penpal. I had all of these lovely cousins in Sweden, and they would write me the most wonderful letters. I couldn't keep up with them. They gave up on me after a while. I think I was distracted by other things in those years.
  11. I wish I still had a penpal. I had a penpal named Megan when I was in grade 2 or something...she lived in China!
  12. I had several penpals at one point. One in Ireland and one in Netherlands and one from the great state of Alaska. It just sort of fell through after a certain point. I agree that it's a lost past-time, which is a bit unfortunate.
  13. I think penpals are wonderful! Especially when they come from very different places than you. I wish I had one! So interesting.
  14. I don't, but I think I would like it
  15. Yes! I have a Penpal from Germany! I LOVE getting handwritten letters.. much more over an email!

    I also email w/ someone from Poland