Anyone into Charm & Luck?

  1. I was browsing through threads and hadn't come across anything about Charm and Luck. How do you feel about these handbags...

    Charm & Luck

    I own the San Antonio, black handbag. The Dallas diamond, whiskey croc is really stunning in person. My friend has it and loves it.
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  3. awww...they are pretty. very colorful and fun!
  4. A little late to this thread, but better late than never as they say!

    I love Charm and Luck! I own the sedona in blue, and the Dallas diamond in pink!
  5. oh I Am So Getting One...check Out My Tylies!
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  7. Oh man I'm sorry I missed you guys comments on Charm and Luck. I forgot all about this thread because not many people were responsive. I had thought hard and long about getting the Sedona but opted not too because of the tassles. The bag is adorable. Has any of your stones falling out? My friend has the Dallas Diamond and her bag has completely fallen apart. Let me know....

    Oh and for those who are interested I have been seeing them on eBay lately for half the price. Hopefully they're the real deal...
    One of my patient's came in wearing the bag simliar to mine. I said to her is that charm and luck because from a far it looked like it was...She was clueless and said that she bought it on canal street, LMAO. My goodness this company is fairly new and already the bag is being knocked off. Goooooosh!!!
  8. I tried out 2 of their bags and returned them both.

    They were both too heavy for me. One was from HSN and arrived with stones missing and the leather seemed low quality.

    The second I ordered directly from C & L and the bag was not exactly what I was expecting (not their fault). I returned it but their CS seemed to be lacking. Also the same thing with the leather.

    However, if I did see a killer design I would bite again.
  9. I lost one, you do have to be a little more careful with the stones. I've actually lost costody of the two I posted about here (gave them to the hubby's cousin, she'd been lusting after them!), and have another! lol I bought the whipstitched leather messenger like they have on HSN off eBay, and yes it was real. However, if any of you girls are thinking about, I would suggest if you have long hair to only wear it if you are pulling your hair up! lol I found that out the hard way! The stones on the strap caught my hair!!

  10. LOL, my hair has gotten caught a few times.

    I actually sent the first bag I received back because the stitching came apart and the stones fell out. Now for my second bag the stitching is falling apart again. I wrote them stating that they need to make better quality bags because their consumers spend a substantial amount of money and deserve nothing less than well made handbags. It's not like I throw my bag against the wall. I don't think I will be buying another bag from Charm and Luck anytime soon. Hopefully in the near future they'll start producing quality leather bags that will hold up against normal day to day wear.
  11. I just remember they had a lot of rhinestones and flashy bits. A bit much for me. My opinion might be rather narrow though. :lol:
  12. I have a few Charm and Luck bags. I just got a bowler bag in black leather from HSN at great savingscand I find the quality really good. I'm still carrying it two weeks after purchasing, which is a first for me.

    Charm and Luck's wallets on a chain are so cute and charming that people threaten to snatch them out of my hands---and not for the money they may contain! The wallets on a chain come with a purse, and are not sold separately. Too bad! I would have pruchased a few of the wallets to give as Xmas presents!
  13. Any one know if this brand is still in production? I haven't seen anything new from them in about a year.