anyone interested in YSL downtown bag?

  1. I have just ordered one YSL downtown bag and muse...I decided to go for muse right if anyone wants downtown bag...reply me here, I will cancel that item from NM then you can grab it right away!!:yahoo:It is half price now!!
  2. OMG! Which size & colour? What is price?
  3. It is $837 and brown color. There is item # NMOS7_V9941, you can get rep to provide you link. I don't keep the link, sorry!!:p
  4. Do you know what size for the downtown?
  5. i just checked, its gone:crybaby:
  6. Thanks Sweet but I am looking for the silver! Great price though!
  7. a while ago i just canceled it:sad:...i hope any of you grab that bag. i am sorry if any of you missed it.