Anyone interested in the Riveting handbag?

  1. I just saw this on the LV website and it looks so neat. Anyone planning to get it or have information on it? I do not see it on eLux yet. Thanks!!
  2. if you go to the search button (or maybe the Visual Aids thread) and run a search on the rivet bag, there should be a bunch of threads with pics, and even some pics with some members modeling the rivet bag. HTH!
  3. The riveting bag in mono just released last week :smile:
  4. I saw it today IRL and YES YES YES YES! I HAVE to have it!
  5. I have the mono rivet bag and adore it..Use the search feature..MANY PFers have threads on this bag with great pics too
  6. Here are some links. Most are about the Monogram, which seems to be the more popular bag around here compared to the lambskin versions. I think we have a lambskin or two floating around here, too!

  7. Thanks guys in advance for your help!

    Thanks EmilyK! Your links are fab! Is it going to be a hard to find item? Is it a permanent item? So it's roughly $1,800.00? I just have spent over $5,000.00 on LV since November. I guess that I should be on a purse ban for a little while. :sad:
  8. This item is a one time shot and once they sell through I think they are gone. My LV got about 20 in the mono in and I would love to get one. They sell for $1900 or so though so I had to pass for now. Tha lambskin is $3,300 and is LE. I would LOVE, LOVE to have this but just can't justify that kind of money, ugh!!
  9. The mono is 1950 plus tax
  10. I have the lambskin in Ecru

  11. im curious as to wether the mono will be LE because if you look on the LV site all LEs are usually listed at the bottom of the lists with the year of the release season infront of them but this isnt, the lambskin one is though. or have i missed something and the mono is permanent?
  12. There's our Ecru!!! :heart:
  13. I feel your pain, sweetie. I've spent around that much in the last few weeks! But I'm going to be on a ban ALL SUMMER... well. Unless... something really fab comes out. Hehe.

    These bags weren't super OMG SELL OUT IMMEDIATELY... I think there are still some lurking around. You could try calling 866-Vuitton, or keep an eye out in the Shopping subforum... a couple days (weeks? time flies) ago someone posted that their boutique had a mono one... So you can probably find one out there somewhere!!! good luck
  14. About price, yeah it was $1820 for me but I'm in Hawaii :love: Around $1950 in the continental US I think.
  15. Oh SNAP!!! I hope that the mono is not an LE. I cannot afford to get it right now, but I would love to add it to my collection this year sometime. :crybaby: