Anyone interested in the oulet in Weltham, MA

  1. So, my husband and I are up in MA for a funeral and we had the day to kill, so we ran to the outlets in Wrentham. I, of course, had to run into the Coach outlet there (I showed incredible restraint - in part b/c I know there's package from Coach waiting for me when we get home), and I just thought I'd share what they had.

    They had a lot of a dark brown and gold patchwork in a duffle, tote and wrislet style. Out of the things that had just been in stores, they had a lot of the burgandy suede - the small and larger duffle and then a large soho flap style (that was very hard to resist b/c it was on sale for $135!), as well as some gold hobos and a couple of those lace hobos (and the mia lace satchel in blue). Lots of the chelsea hobos in all colors. They had the optic art wristlet, which I walked around with for about half an hour, but it was 90.00 w/20% off, and I didn't know if I could justify that for a wristlet I might not use too much). They also had a couple of older legacy couriers, but it didn't look like those were marked down a lot. Lots of things from last fall too - pleated mosaic hobos, some of the older poppy line, and still some of the patchwork that's pink and blue, with some of the patches having metal rings on them. There was more, but I think I'm hitting the highlights!

    I hope this helps someone!