Anyone interested in the MC must get...

  1. Anyone interested in the MC must get the Aurellia MM...I have it in black and it is the best bag summer I want one in white...the bag is not too big stunning and fun...just wanted to let people know it is a must have bag!!!:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  2. I think that bag is a great change from the mezzo with less worry :smile:
    Glad you like it. I love the gm.
  3. I'm glad you love, it's a beauty, now where are the pictures! LOL
  4. go to the MC thread in the club and you will see black MC cannot believe it is not more popular than is the best thing black MC sooo much!!!
  5. yeah I'm starting to love black mc also! glad you love that bag. I always thought about getting it but never did maybe I should add it to my list again.
  6. Bag Fetish do you have both the white and black in the the MM but, it is really not that big...I can get more stuff in my speedy 30 and LH by the style of the bag:yahoo:
  7. Ohhh yes add it...the black mc and the style is sooo is my WOW bag!!
  8. Ditto love the GM! But in white ;)
  9. Ohhhh, I was so tempted to get it this summer but thought I wouldn't get enough use out of it as Icelandic summers are so short. Why did I have to read this :hysteric:
  10. LVpug:yahoo: Do you :heart:it ?
  11. LVPug are you using your new bag already, I thought DH made you put it away for Xmas? Do the straps sit on your shoulder well without falling down? I love this bag but didn't know how well the straps would sit.
  12. The buckle looks odd to me. I wanted to buy the Bombe aka Pricilla but when I saw the bags IRL, I decided against them because of the buckle. Although I am a die hard MC fan, some things are just deal breakers.
  13. Yes yes it is love I now want it in white....:yahoo: for next summer we will need one and you know it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Not using it must be wrapped for x-mas.....shoulder straps are perfect!!! No falling like my LH....I want this bag in white...should give dh the $$ and get the white for x-mas...MC is so nice my weakness now...I am soo fu&** how am I ever going to save with cc bills and an obssession that is soo expensive....I sold my soul to the LV me anyone!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. ohhh honey I love the buckle on the vuitton site there are matching shoes with the buckle...they are not in the US or Canada yet, look under mules they are to die for mules and they match the bag perfectly..I am in:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: !