Anyone interested in the braided straw tote from Cruise collection?

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  1. I wanted a straw bag from Chanel, anyone has experience with straw bag?
  2. Yes I do. The blue came out after the one I got. It comes in a "tall" version like mine and a shorter more east-west version. Since I got mine specifically for the beach, I really like the height of the bag I got. Straw bags in general have been around pretty much forever, so I have an idea about how it will age. The blue is really pretty, too.

  3. Thanks for the feedback. I do want a blue with shorter/east west version. I hope they still have it in the store.
  4. They did come out a bit after the one I got, so if you call around, you should be able to locate one. Since it's not a classic bag, I'd suspect you could get a Chanel boutique SA to help you find one and have it sent (since they are only supposed to not send classics these days). Good luck; I really like straw bags.

  5. Thanks. I really want a straw bag for summer :smile:
  6. I tried to find the number for this bag, but all I came up with is the photo. You might also try Hirshleifers to see if they have any.

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  7. They are nice but I never liked one for myself !
  8. I have such fond childhood memories of being at the beach, and straw bags and beach towns go hand in hand. My latest addition was my Chanel beach bag as shown:

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