Anyone interested in reading about my Paris Shopping Experience?

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  2. Yes, please share! I’ll be in Paris next week and would love to hear your experience.
  3. Yes! I'm going to Paris in August and am planning on doing some shopping myself! Would love to hear about your experience! :tup:
  4. Happy to share! Before going to Paris I had a list of items I wanted to buy and details of all the stores. I also read somewhere that LeBon Marche has a reward program where in you get 10% back on all your purchases. I was planning on using that store for all my purchases as it had LV and Dior assuming I can get 10 percent off discount. But what I learnt after going to the store was that you make a purchase for 500 Euros and apply for their reward program and pick a day to use 10 percent off discount and then they give a store credit card equal to that amount. I will have to go again to that store to use that amount. That was too much trouble and I was travelling with family and I didn’t want to spend so much time shopping. But the worst part at LV in Lebon Marche was that they did not have anything from my list.

    My list had few items but I was particularly interested in buying Iena for myself and also check Graceful The other items I had on my list were Pochette Metis, Croisette, Speedy B, Brittany, Siena amd Josephine wallet. But they did not have most of the items that I wanted to check and realized this store was not going to work out.

    I went to Dior in that store and bought a Dior WOC/clutch (I posted a picture in Dior purchases thread).

    The day before I walked into LV champ elysees when I was walking that street and noticed that the store was crowded and you will have to wait to get a SA to help you out.

    Based on these 2 experiences I decided to go to Galleries Lafayette store in the morning as soon as they open ( I read online forums that the Galleries Lafeyette store is less crowded and lots of stock). But it was totally different. It was crowded and took 30 mins or so for me to get a SA to help me out and did not have most of the bags I wanted to check out. Most stores had Croisette and other classic bags but not Iena/Graceful/Brittany/Josephine. The SA told me that Champ-Elysees store will have most of them. So from there decided to just go to CE store. It was afternoon by then and the store was crowded. I had to wait for 20 mins maybe when I was introduced to my SA. I have to say he was very polite and helpful. He studies in US for 2-3 years during graduation and it was easy to talk to him. I started off by asking for Siena (for my sister) and Iena. He had both and I tried them on and decided to purchase them. Then I causally said “I am sure you don’t have a Pochette Metis” for which he said “ofcourse we do”. I couldn’t believe my luck and asked to see it. He got one out and took me to a side area to try it out. I immediately decided to take it. Most of the other LV stores I went to had the leather version PM but none had mono version on display and when asked they all said they didn’t have any stock.

    This is what I got from that Champ Elysees store: Siena PM, Iena MM, Pochette Metis monogram, Josephine Wallet, Mens Pocket Organizer.

    Sorry for the long post but I hope I covered most of my experience. I researched a lot before going and many forums/posts mentioned that Champ Elysees store is a mess and too crowded. But I have been to 4 different LV stores in Paris and I would say almost all are crowded and you will have to wait for some time to get some assistance. But what I realized is Champ E store has the most stock and many other stores did not have the items I wanted to check. This was my experience.

    Feel free to ask any questions you have.
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  5. Wow sounds like a successful shopping trip! I have also heard about the CE store being a mess, but think that is where I will end up making my purchases instead of bouncing around different locations hoping they have the items I'm looking for! I can't believe you were able to get a PM! That's awesome! Did you have any trouble finding a SA to help you at the Champs Elysees store? I've read a lot of people have had a hard time getting a SA at the CE location.
  6. My LV purchases
    Hi, In every LV store (or for that matter any other designer store) there is kind of like a waiting list and they assign a SA based on their availability. I usually go to the person at the front of the store or any other associate and say that I need help and need to check out few bags. They will redirect you to the person who is kind of making a note(mentally I guess) of waitlist and you can also ask how long it might take. They will sometimes tell you the number of people in front of you or time. I have visited 4,5 diff stores/occasions and I have to say their customer service is all over the place. Some would just call you when someone is available and in some places they came to to me from time to time and check/apologize for delay. But overall my customer service experience has been so much better than what I read/expected.But make sure to go to the person who is maintaining that waiting list. Good luck and do share your experience when you come back.
  7. For LV stores if you are sure you like something a lot and will probably purchase it, just call for availability and reserve even if you don’t buy in the end.
    For Paris, they are a little special so start by talking in French (simple things like bonjour and stuff) and then they are more likely to help you than the regular tourist.
    At least in the CE store they let you in, in Luxembourg they told us the other day we need to wait OUTSIDE (close to 0 degrees) for 20 mins before we can even go inside to look around.
    However totally different opinion for the St Tropez and Athens stores, same bad opinion for Monaco both stores. If I have to beg the SA to give the brand thousands of Euros I can order online and spare us both the trouble :smile:
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  8. I visited the Vendome location in February (on a Saturday afternoon even!) and was blown away by the attentive and patient service and how relatively quiet it was! I wasn't making a huge amount of purchases (just a mid-priced bag with heat stamp and an SLG) but I felt very taken care of. I also thought it was a more aesthetically pleasing store than CE, and felt more intimate because of the multiple floors and layout. Would highly recommend to anyone who might be deterred by CE.
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  9. I've been to all the boutiques in Paris and the Vendome, Saint Germain and Montaigne are my favourite! More attentive staff, personable service and less tourist crowds to deal with. I personally avoid Galleries Lafayette and the Champ Elysees locations because of the ridiculous lines to enter and crowds. But I can see if it's your first time in Paris, there's a romantic notion to go to the Champ Elysees location.
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  10. Good to know about Saint Germain or Montaigne! I'll make an effort to check those ones out on my next trip. It's true re: romantic notion for CE; it's how I got sucked for the first time I bought a boutique bag from Vuitton. "Where better than at Champs?!" :heart::nuts: And now the answer is, "Anywhere I don't have to line up outside, and that's quiet enough to not be jostled by tourists!" :biggrin:
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