Anyone interested in LV chairs/sofas?! *pics and links included

  1. It's a bit OTT - but hey an armchair would look great in the walk in closet I am currently planning. Hope to have a special LV section - he he :wlae:
  2. I've seen that banner ad on here before and wondered about them. Are they really real LV fabric? I like the small armchair. The long 5-seater is a bit much to me.
  3. it's fake. And it's ugly.
  4. it's not real LV fabric, considering you can't buy the authentic fabric.

    it's probably real.. as in.. you can touch and see it.. but it's not real as in authenticity.

    i like the idea of it.. the arms are modeled after trunks. it's different. but i wouldn't have one ever. *shudder* as an ID and merchandiser for home furnishings, this is really too much.
  5. Way too over the top for me!!!!
  6. Yeesh.
    Now if they were authentic and made in say, Suhali leather...
  7. I don't like them..
    Looks abit ott.
  8. lol, too much of a good thing and all that...
  9. :drool: Suhali or Utah leather! OMG :drool::nuts:
  10. I LOVE THEM.
    But... eh.
  11. I think they looked very nice. But thinking that it's fake.. i'll have 2nd thoughts about having them. :nogood:
  12. Until I see it in Kimora's walk-in closet, I will consider it a fake, lol.
  13. Ehh...not my thing.