Anyone interested in Intermix coupon?

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  1. I received Intermix gift card for $50 that I will not use. This expires May 10, 2008. Minimum purchase of $300 to use the gift card. You can use at any store location or on line. First person PM will get the card :P.
  2. I have two also if anyone is interested.
  3. I would love to use an intermix coupon if they are still available!
  4. For anyone who received the $50 Intermix card in the mail, you can combine this with the promo code: INTERMIXSPRING50. I was able to get $100 off instead of just $50. Just put the Intermix card number in the gift card/eCard box and INTERMIXSPRING50 in the promo card box. Hope that made sense.
  5. I would love a card - I have my niece's 19th birthday and a gift to buy for a friend who just got a promotion. Please PM me if still available.
  6. If anyone else has a card, I would love one. I was eyeing up a few things in the store :smile:
  7. If someone still has a card left, I would love to get one! Thanks a million :smile:
  8. Hi I have an extra gift card so just PM me & I will gve you the card#
  9. i'd really appreciate it if anyone still has a coupon or card left. please PM me. thank you!!
  10. i'd love the 50 gift card if anyone else still has it available~ thank you!!!! :smile: