Anyone interested in Gold/Silver Heart?

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  1. I'm going to be returning my gold and silver hearts on Saturday so if anyone is interested, please PM me and I'll get your name and contact info so my SA can contact you. And I'll also give you the SA name and contact so you can reach him ;)
  2. I returned my gold one yesterday too. It just lost its pizzazz for me.
  3. ^ same here =(

    i returned gold cosmetic case, silver, gold, and pomme heart to Bloomingdales San Francisco, 4158565432. Ask for Gia (pronounced ji-ah) and tell him he would like the items that jenny returned and he can ring you up.

    good luck.

  4. may i asked why? everyone was SO excited abt it when it was released...:confused1:
  5. ^ I was one of the excited ones, couldnt decide between all of the colors of the heart and finally ended up deciding on gold, silver, and pomme.

    anyways i decided to return it because i just didnt have the mad happy rush I did when I first found out about them. i have a framboise heart from last year and havent used it at all so it isnt practical for me to buy more hearts that will just sit in my closet.

    that and the fact that I went way over budget this month so something had to go.
  6. I would certainly be interested in the silver one as I don't have any of the hearts :crybaby:...Is there any way I could buy it from you directly? I'd be happy to pay for shipping...
  7. ^ hey hun! no selling on the forums but please feel free to call Gia (prounced Ji-ah) or just call the Bloomingdales SF LV, number in above post, and ask them if they still have