Anyone interested in getting a RM ROAK together?

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  1. Hi all,
    I stole this idea from the ladies on the Bal board. Every few months we get together and commit a "random act of kindness" for one of our pf buddies. They send small gift's (3, one per month, kind of like a secret Santa) and then at the end have a reveal thread where everyone shows off their goodies. They don't have to be large or expensive pressies, just a little gift to put a smile on your pf buddies face. So what do you all think? Would this be fun? I for one would love to get something together for our board, so share those ideas girls:upsidedown:
  2. I would be interested, if this were open to international TPFers.
  3. Me too!:yes:
  4. Me too if International tpfers can partcipate!
  5. I might be up for it I organize another RAOK for another board I am one twice a year and it is a lot of fun but I feell to make it worth while you really need about 20 participants if not more!
  6. I agree:yes: I think we should have at least 20 of us involved and I think all the international ladies should be included also. Maybe for the international we could ship all the small pressies at once to cut down on the shipping for both members? I would be happy to ship to an international pf'er:tup: and think that would be so fun. I would love to hear from more members if you are interested:flowers: Once we get enough people we can get it rolling.
  7. I'm in!
  8. I'd definitely be interested!
  9. count me in! :yes: i love all the girls on the RM forum
  10. i'll definitely be in. I love my fellow pf gals!
  11. i want to do this also! i always see this on other forums but i never feel "in" enough to join in. but count me in for an RM one!!
  12. This sounds like a great idea!
  13. what are the kinds of "small presents"? any example ideas?
  14. We have maybe 12 right now so any other RM ladies let me know if you would be interested.:woohoo:
    The gifts can be anything from cookies, to a charm, to something handmade, a good book, anything you want really.
    This will be so much fun and I hope will be a great addition for our board and a way to get to know one another:flowers:!!
  15. Ooh I'm excited! :tpfrox: