Anyone Interested In Donating To Help Catch R-o Please Read!!!

  1. I am back and noticed that we have some great response to hiring a private investigator. First, I think that it would be wise to find someone who lives in the same state or area that R-O lives in. Have we pretty much established at least the state? If so, then are there any other PFers who live in the same state/area? I think I remember that there was, so maybe one of them could do a little research on PIs in their area and contact them for us with an inquiry as to how much an investigation of this type might cost us. Once we have an idea and we determine that it is an amount that we believe we can come up with, we can start the fund!! So, any tPFers who live in the area.........can you please come forward??

    In the meantime, while we are finding out the costs, could anyone who is willing and/or able to contribute please pm me with the amount you would be able to contribute. This way we can see just about how much we can raise and whether or not we are at least in the ballpark of a PIs fees. Thanks Sharon