Anyone interested in doing an Easter exchange?

  1. Other forums have been having RAOK exchanges but since there aren't too many people here and Easter's coming up soon, we just send out one package for the Easter exchange by 1 week before Easter. Then we can all open it up on Friday or Saturday before Easter and post pics of what we got. What do you think? We could set a limit of maybe $25 and it does not have to be Tokidoki stuff. It could be Easter candy or anything cute since most people here like cute stuff. What do you think? If you are interested in participating in an exchange, post here.
  2. do we have to send a package to ONE assigned person or everyone in here?

    and which date is easter day? (sorry, i never remember lol)
  3. :yahoo: cool, I like stuff! I wanna play. :yes:
  4. I'll play! :wlae:
  5. count me in!! :biggrin:
  6. I'd be in, I love exchanges & swaps!
  7. Yes, you would only send a package to one assigned person. I could be the person assigning names. Maybe put a name to a number and have people choose a number and that will be who you send to. No one will know who has their name so it will be a surprise when they receive the gift. So it will be like a Secret Santa but for Easter and then we will do a reveal. Easter is on April 8 so the package must be sent by April 1 or actually March 31. And in order for us to have enough time to shop, end of sign up should will be Saturday March 17.
    If everyone does tracking and sends me the tracking info once mailed, then I can make sure everyone sent and receives a gift. That way if someone fails to send a gift in time, I will be able to give the person a little nudge that it's time. The sign up should be closed by 3/18/07. That gives people enough time to get their person and shop for gifts.

  8. Yes, only one assigned person.

    Easter is on April 8 so we'd send the package out by April 1.
  9. do you think tho, that's a little late, seeing as we only have 2 week to sign up & send something? maybe we can do the RAOK so that we aren't crunched by the upcoming deadline, but can establish one farther out. that way, we can also get more people to sign up or something.
  10. GREAT IDEA!:yahoo: Only thing is, I'm in Asia...:crybaby:
  11. I'll play :wlae:
    I prefer to send stuff by priority mail, but no tracking hmmm....
  12. I'm in! I love to shop. So what kind of info do you want from us? Will you get people's detailded info such as shirt size, fav color etc....
  13. Okay, we can all choose a date that works. How about sign up by March 22, April 20 as the date we have to send the gifts out by, and April 30 as the date we do our reveal? That way we can guarantee that everyone gets something. We'll call it a spring exchange. Papillon, it's okay that you're in Asia. I'll send out a list of questions people can fill out later and people can write there preferences. There might be more people in other countries besides you.
  14. Umm, if you guys like, we can do a lot of things. Here are some questions. Please feel free to add more:

    Favorite colors?
    Favorite candies?
    Favorite foods?
    Favorite scents?
    What do you collect?
    Favorite Tokidoki characters?
    Shirt size?
  15. disney- i sent you a pm :biggrin: