Anyone interested in an original Ciao Ciao ...

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  1. ooh whoever just won it got a great deal!
  2. My bank account will regret it later, but now I have the bag to match the wallet!

    what the hell is wrong with me!
  3. socprof81 : was that you?
  4. damnit i was about to bid on it :sad:
  5. yes yes.

    i have an original wallet with qee so a bag with qee that is an original print makes me very happy!

    i need help.
  6. congrats socprof!! that was an awesome buy!
  7. Congrats socprof81! I would have bought it too but I already have my Ciao.
  8. thanks I realllllly wanted a ciao in that print, but i figure i can always use this for a bit and sell it if i come across a ciao!

    i just got my first ciao today and i'm in love!!!