Anyone Interested in a Twiggy Indigo???

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  1. There is NO buying/selling/or trading on this forum. Thanks!
  2. There is no selling on this forum!
  3. yep... no selling.. big NO NO...!:wtf:
  4. :closed:

    In Before Lock =)

    (joke from another forum)
  5. :busted

    This is strictly against the rules! We must read the rules, we must understand the rules, we must obey the rules......
  6. Lori and Liz your smilies crack me up.. !

    edit- I never clicked the "click for more smilies" link...:shame:
  7. oh I'm sorry! I didnt know. Always been reading insteading of posting; didnt know the rudes. make sure no next time
  8. We got some new smilies that I didn't even know about, I just found them....:borg1: :borg: :lol: :feminist:

    When are we going to need the "to hell with penises" smilie?
  9. That's for ranting abouts PHHs.
  10. Ohhh....but his penis is the only useful thing about him.....KIDDING!!!!!
  11. That's one ANGRY smiley! hehehe

    Lori....:blush: :shocked:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.