anyone interested in a San Francisco meet?

  1. Has there ever been a san francisco meet for the chanel ladies? Im sure many of the ladies in the bay area would be interested!

    Maybe have lunch in NM Rotunda and chit chat-- would love to get to know ladies who are close by.

    what do you guys think?
  2. i can come ...:rolleyes:
  3. ooh i would comee! but i'm in socal for school. :sad:
  4. yes yes yesssssssss!!
  5. i would love to come!
  6. Lets get a good number of us who are interested and i can do the reservations when we get a final head count. This is going to be exciting! If you guys know tpf members who are from the bay area, pls pm them if they are interested. I dont know if many people look at the topmost section where this is posted.
  7. ohhh sounds fun! i'll be going home to san fran nov. 9-17
  8. love to come!!
  9. definitely interested! :smile:
  10. shall we do a weekday or a weekend? also lets not plan too far ahead.. maybe a meet in the next 2 or 3 weeks and we can always schedule another meet for other people who cant make it the first go around.
  11. I would love to come as well!
  12. I'd love to come too...
  13. Me three! Finally, a SF meet!
  14. sounds great =D
  15. Sounds fun! I'd love to meet other Chanel addicts