Anyone interested in a "Matte Chocolate" BE 'something'??!

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  1. Ladies! I'm throwing this thread out there to see what happens!

    I discovered recently (and much to my disappointment & dismay), that there is NO MORE of the Matte Choco leather that we've come to love and obsess over! And while I adore my Enchant Me, I'd love say a "Rock Me midi" or Love Me.......maybe something this beautiful leather!

    My plan was to pester (ok....politely beg!), the BE team to see whether locating some more of this gorgeous leather is possible........BUT......... I don't think the effort would be justified for one person alone........which leads me to ask the next question on this pursuit...............

    Is there any interest in 8 or so of us bespoking a bag in this sumptuous leather should the BE team be able to locate some? I realize that the Spring collection will come out soon (hopefully), but I know there are many of us who love the beautiful and now elusive Matte Chocolate/Conker leather........but is it enough to tempt any of you into a bespoke? (style of bag to be determined at a later date should leather be located)

    Please think about it & pencil yourself in if interested :smile:
  2. I'd be interested!

    btw love, love your avatar!
  3. I know..I got the last bit of this conker..:graucho:

    Depending if it is possible to find more of this type and depending on style..I am in!

    Also it does not matter when the bag will be produced.
  4. Well I have in my BEC a TMA Midi in Choc Matte. So yeah, definitely interested..
  5. I love the chocolate leather, but would have to get rid of another chocolate bag to do it, so I will watch and see where this goes.
  6. This is a great start! 5 of us already!

    3 more???:smile:
  7. I haven't been on here in ages, but i could be tempted to think about a TM Anywhere Midi in matte choco....
  8. Ok....I will ask. Will post any updates here.

    Next.....we'll have to decide on a style!!!!! :nuts:

    The matte choco/conker/mogano is pure heaven! :love:
  9. Tessa, is this the DARK chocolate matte?
  10. Hi Moonfancy! YES....this would be the dark chocolate matte leather. Jackie calls it "Mogano" but it's the one we all know and love as dark chocolate matte!

    GREAT NEWS! I'm told this leather IS AVAILABLE to order, but we'd need a group bespoke of a minimum of 8 to get it off the ground.

    So.......may I start a thread of who IS interested thus far???! That way we can get the ball rolling as it will take a few weeks to organize.

    I can also begin a new "POLL" thread to discuss style, lining, hardware etc......:yahoo:
  11. Glad to hear Jackie was able to find some more of this lovely leather! I probably won't join this bespoke though since I am a little interested in the thick matte leathers and the Enchant Me Midi style. Plus it'll be a while for me before I get another bag! At least it should be a little while since I've gotten so many new ones lately!
  12. To be honest, I wasn't planning on ordering anything myself, but lately looking at my only gorgeous Matte Choco EM, and the fact that the only bag I crave lately is a chocolate matte one AND the fact that I was VERY disappointed that no more leather was available....I decided to take a chance as I know I'm NOT alone when it comes to the love affair with this leather!

    Merika! Where are you??!!!!!! :wondering pressure......this should be enjoyable, and if it doesn't take least I tried!

    Those who've never tried this leather but were tempted....this is our chance to get a beautiful bag at a decent price plus FREE shipping.
  13. Depending on style choice, count me in!
  14. I might be interested...what style are you all interested in?
  15. From what I can see, we MAY have 8 already!!!!!

    As far as style is concerned, I'm easy!

    We can wait for any possible NEW styles before deciding, or we can take a poll and see which ones we like most and choose from there!

    Personally, I think a Rock Me or Love Me would be GORGEOUS in this leather- wearable, not too heavy......brass hardware........

    Opinions! Please share!!!!

    I think what's most important is that we CONFIRM our DEFINITE number of Ladies interested so that Jackie can go ahead and order the leather.

    So please DO NOT commit if you are not 100% "IN"

    Once we have a confirmed 8 minimum, we can play with choosing the style, hw, lining, etc........