Anyone indulge in some May 1st purchases?

  1. I'm eager to see the new bags on people! Get to it, gals!! :lol:
  2. I stopped by my store to check out the new stuff but they didn't have it yet!
  3. Nada but am glad to read someone else has been doing some shopping!
  4. I bought the BV today instead of the multicolor tote.
  5. I bought something today too, but it wasn't an LV. It was a Movado watch.
  6. Today was my 13th wedd. anniv. :love: I just got back from dinner and Louie-Ville!! LOL!!:nuts:

    I ended up getting:

    White MC Priscilla
    White MC Pochette Accessoires
    Mono Pochette Accessoires
    Key chain/extender - for pochette (Thx to reading posts about using it to extend the lil strap) cool!!! + using it for a keychain when not extending!! hehe!! Love that!:love:

    From last Sat.:

    Mono Speedy 30 - Was supposed to be a early wedd. anniv. gift but now "we're" (dh and I) are saying it was a early bday gift "June".

    Will probably post pics tomorrow sometime!!:biggrin:
    Happy Shopping all!!!!!!!!!!:nuts:
  7. LVCRAZED: happy anniversary!! it's mine too although it's only my second and i got tiffany's instead of LV. :smile:
  8. WOO HOO!!!!!!!!! :biggrin: Happy Anniversary to you as well!!!!! Tiffany's sounds pretty good to me!! :nuts:

    LOL, easy to remember May 1. (May Day)
  9. It was my wedding Anniversary too on May 1st:nuts: I purchased mine on Sat ... I finally got the tobago shoe bag in tan:love:
  10. WOW! Another May 1 anniv. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!!!!:nuts: Enjoy your new purchase!!!!!!!!!;)
  11. I got a mandarin Epi speedy 30 and new Chanel sunglasses. I can't wait for them to arrive!
  12. YAY!!!:love:
  13. OMGosh you need to share pic's ..
    Congrat's on your 13th Ann :smile: