anyone in USA having this problem?

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  1. So has anyone else in the US noticed that the LV website doesn't display prices for their bags right now? Im on the website doing some online "window" shopping and i noticed everything i click on says 'only available in stores'. I was jw if i was the only one this was happening to. and is this happening bc theyre changing the prices on the USA website? :thinking:
  2. I was on an hour ago and it was fine...
  3. Fine on this end
  4. Is it possible you clicked on the wrong country at the beginning? If you accidently clicked on something besides USA, you won't be able to online shop.
  5. Otherwise it may be they are sold out on that item online. If you call the 866 number, they try to locate one for you at a store.
  6. What?! The LV site being quirky? Raise your hand if you're surprised.