Anyone in US, France or Italy? Need help!!!

  1. Hi,

    I'm new to veneta forum and i need help from ladies here. I saw Catena Large Veneta in Violet and just love it so much. :love: I'm not quite sure abt the name. It's just like classic veneta but has chain decorated all over the bag. I myself only have one brown classic veneta and want to add this purple to my BV collection. :yahoo:

    Btw, the thing is it's rather expensive in Thailand (almost $2500). Then, i'm eager to know the retail price in US, France or Italy, as i'll find my way to buy from the cheaper site. :yes:

    Pls advise me :shame:

    Million thanksss:p
  2. If it's a new collection, in the BV website, if you click on the catalog and then "description," it shows the actual retail price of the items.
  3. Hey, can you post the photo of the bag here? It's hard to tell merely based on your description. Or, you can just email the photo to Ana( u can find her email address on BV's website, she is the personal shopper) and she will report the price for you. I hope this helps.
  4. Here is the pic...

    I bring it from Thai magazine...the violet one with small chain on the bag.

    I checked the bottega link and found that it was $2100 in the US. How abt other places?

    Anyone knows tht???

  5. I have yet to see this one for a lower price or on any discounted site.