Anyone in U.S bought from Cultstatus?

  1. Has anyone from the U.S. ever bought anything from Cultstatus? How are they to deal with? How did they pack your bag? Were you happy with your transaction?
  2. Hi there

    I'm in Australia and yes, I have purchased from Cult Staus.

    They are extreemly helpful, and shipped my bag as soon as my payment was cleared...

    I got my package for next day delivery - but I'm in Aus, so it would differ for the US

    Although their prices are higher than other retailers, they are fantastic to work with!
  3. Allisonfaye,
    I'm also in Australia, but on the other side of the continent from Cult Status. I bought a coin purse from them last week. The girls are fantastic. It was absolutely no problem for them to take photos for me (in fact I didn't even ask for extra photos, they offered). They shipped my coin purse really quickly and they always reply almost instantly to emails (taking into consideration time-zone differences, of course). If you don't mind paying more than US retail, I highly recommend them.
  4. I'm in the US and, although I haven't actually made a purchase from them, I have emailed back and forth on occasion--they have always responded nearly IMMEDIATELY, which complete surprised me since they are halfway around the world from me!

    I've always felt that a retailers customer service and responses to inquiries go A LONG WAY in their credibility...

    Let me know how it goes if you do end up buying something from them and shipping to the US!
  5. I ordered from CS and shipped to UK (and now I am waiting for DH to bring it back home..he is leaving for UK today and won't be back till 26th. I can't wait:hysteric: ) Sorry for all the details ~

    Anyway, they shipped to UK the same day my payment went through. The SAs there are extremely helpful and always willing to take loads of pics for me. The best thing is the online tracking with the courier they use. I love checking it everyday to see where my baby is hahaha :blush:

    Oops sorry Allisonfaye, you were asking about shipping to US. Since they have really good customer service, I assume it is the same whether you ship to UK or US.
  6. How long did it take to get there? Does it get held up in Customs?
  7. It took 6 days (during christmas time so not sure if it will be faster any other time). My aunt got a note from customs to pay the custom fees which she did online and the parcel got deliver next day. HTH.