Anyone in the military or have a spouse who is?

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  1. I was just wondering if there are any other military wives out there. If so what service are you in and where are you stationed?
  2. My husband is in the Navy (been in about 25 years!). We live in Virginia Beach, VA. Fortunately, he's finally pretty much home for good now. He's on his last tour before retirement and it's shore duty, so he's home all the time now except for flying out on business for a few days at a time. It hasn't always been this way, though; We've been married almost 19 years, and he's been gone more often than not.

    Do you have a hubby who's away right now?
  3. my husband is in the air force and we are stationed at fort bragg, nc. he's in joint special operations command, so i know quite a few navy wives. he's home now but was gone about 15 months and got home in sept. we are going to pcs to montgomery this summer so he can attend air staff and command college. i'm so excited! he will be home for a whole year w/o a deployment. that's never happened our 8 1/2 years of marraige.
  4. gucci fan">
    I'm glad he'll be home for such a long stretch. I know how few and far between those can be. Enjoy your holidays with your hubby home!
  5. I'm not a military wife, but I was a military chld :smile:

    My dad was in the Army and retired as an E-7 and was in the First ID and many other things, I don't even remember!!

    Since I was born, we lived in:

    Kitzingen, Germany
    Goeppingen, Germany
    Gammelshausen, Germany
    Junction City/Ft. Riley, KS
    Fort Irwin, CA
    Camp Shelby, MS

    My dad was also deployed to Saudi Arabia during the first Gulf War and was gone for a few months during the Christmas time while I was in Kindergarten (1989-1990)
  6. how did you like living in germany? we are thinking about trying to pcs there.
  7. My husband is in the British Army, The Household Cavalry - the Blues and Royals to be specific. It is the regiment that Princes William and Harry are in.
  8. Do British Army guys deploy very often?
  9. yes - his regiment has been to Iraq and Afganistan a few times - they have lost 5 men.

    My husband is in the band though, so he doesnt go anywhere
  10. You're very fortunate. Hug him tight every night.
  11. I know - I am very lucky...he does go away for a week or two but nothing longer than that
  12. My husband was in the Coast Guard. I was actually surprised to learn that it is considered part of the military...I knew nothing about the military before I met him. None of my family have served (except grandpa who was an MP in WWII stateside).

    He was in for seven years and got out right before 9/11 (out of the reserves) - thank goodness because they froze everyone right afterward and he could have been sent overseas with the Navy.

    His father was in the Navy.

    I thank God all the time for our military men and women. I would be honored to have any of my children (when I have some) join any branch of the armed services. :smile:
  13. I am in the military, I was active duty and finished my term of service in July of 06, then I enlisted in the Air National Guard, I'm am stationed in New Jersey. McGuire Air Force Base.
  14. My mom is in the Army Reserve. She took a tour of Iraq. She came home about a year ago. I'm glad she's home. She's not even in combat patrol. She works in finance. I always felt like what she did she could have done here for a year.
  15. that's pretty cool i'm in the service active duty navy and I work in finance!