Anyone in the Los Angeles Area that needs a PCE card?

  1. If anyone in the Los Angeles area did not get a PCE card and wants to go shopping. I got a card and I would be more than happy to meet up with you and let you use mine. And that way we could both use it. I usually do most of my shopping at either BH, The Grove, Century City or Bev Center.
  2. How nice of you!:smile:
  3. That is so nice of you!
    Wish there was someone in Va like you.
  4. That is very kind of you!! :yes:

    I agree with PyAri, but not Va .. in MI
  5. Can someone else use your card if you give it to them? I thought you had to be on a list in-store... :confused1:

    My niece lives in CA... ;)
  6. oh man! i'm sooo close! coming up to SB anytime soon? :smile:

  7. No sorry... But the offer is still open if you want to make the drive down south :smile:
  8. beljwl ur so sweet! i wish someone like you was in AZ *HINT HINT* hahahahah :smile:

    thanks for the offer! :smile:
  9. I'm originally from LA area, now live in Mariposa County (Yosemite National Park). No haute couture here . . . But I have dreams of driving by . . . . I can see it now! :yahoo:
  10. It's transferrable. I've used my friend's when she didnt want her and they dont ask how or where you got it.
  11. Hi, beljwl

    How nice you are!

    Can I meet you at Century City? My office is closed to there, I can buy you the lunch. Thanks for your offer.

  12. I just sent you a PM

  13. So far I have one person respond. As of right now we have plans to meet up Sunday at Century City. Anyone else out there in the LA area want to join in and do some shopping.